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These are the six tricks of it girls to know how to combine stylish high boots

The kilometer boots that rise high above the knee They became fashionable a couple of seasons ago. And since then they have not left our lives. Are you running out of inspiration to wear them? He street style He keeps finding new formulas on how to combine high boots, so we can make the most of them. They have the six style tricks that will get this shoe out of the bottom of the closet.

How to wear high boots: lampshading

The Kardashian sisters were the pioneers of this style, although it has already extended to unsuspected limits. It's about playing with the volumes combining your thigh boots with a pullover or sweatshirt oversize. In this way you compensate for an XL garment that provides a larger size with these tight boots that mark the shape of the legs.

How to wear high boots: seventies mini skirts

One of the best tricks to know how to combine high boots without losing the style preppy Y ladylike is to do it with miniskirts with cut A. Both together create styles that resemble those of the 70's, with high socks and acid colors. Twiggy already did it in 1966 and his conception of fashion is not in doubt so… to wear them with a short skirt!

How to wear high boots: wear them with skinny jeans

A classic that never fails is to wear your jeans skinny tight with high boots above. In this way you further stylize the figure, you create layers to face the cold with style and on top you gain centimeters tall. At least visually speaking. Of course, when it comes to tight designs that rise above the thigh it is complicated to overlap with jeans, you may need about 20 minutes just to get it.

How to wear high boots: very sexy guests

If you are a fan of boots over the knee We have good news for you. Because now there are tricks up to discover how to combine high boots at weddings and events in which it is required to dress as a luxury guest. Especially if the design is red, in a groundbreaking and sexy format. It may seem crazy, but it brings a touch of rock to any dress, they are the test.

How to wear high boots: is it a legging? Is it a boot?

There are boots that are so tall that we can't see the end. Because they reach almost to the top of the thigh, becoming the best alternative to not be cold this winter. In fact, they are so tall and tight that they would go through leggings, being able to wear them as if they were meshes and leaving the pants at home.

How to wear high boots: forget your pants

And speaking of leaving the pants at home, this last option is only for daring. Because it's a fusion between the boot-leggings and the lampshading, for those who know how to combine high boots attracting all eyes. Is about pass pants, but be noticed. With a t-shirt oversize, destroyer and very rock and roll. Do you throw yourself

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