Street style

The street style is clear: yes resounding to the (extra) long coats

The coat It is already part of our day to day, becoming the great ally to face the coldest days of the year. There are as many styles and models as days have a year, but today we look at a version that has triumphed in the street style: the one that is so long that it reaches the feet. Do you know what we are talking about?

Each season there are several styles that are presented in front of us with the only claim to conquer us, and this 2018 the fashion prescribers dare to wear models so long that they even touch the ground.

The classic always works

Classic designs are a sure success, lasting over time and being immune to current trends. Military, male or "bathrobe" versions succeed every season, ensuring a place in the hall of fame from the fashion world.

Betting on originality

If what you want is to make a difference with this garment of vital importance, you better bet on designs that break everything. A model with cow print or with the sleeves of hair and full color are a good example to get rid of the rest and detach style at the same time.

Caught! The German Lena Lademann with the Gold Horn Necklace by Maria Pascual (Photo: IMaxTree)

Video: The Ruby and the Sapphire. Critical Role. Campaign 2, Episode 33 (February 2020).