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George R. R. Martin returns to bookstores with Fire and Blood, the Targaryen Game of Thrones prequel

Fire and blood is the new book by George R. R. Martin, but no, it is not a continuation of Game of Thrones. The book, the first of the biology, tells the story of the Targaryens 300 years before the glorious Daenerys ruled Westeros with her dragons. This prequel has 80 unpublished sheets of Doug Wheatley and 800 pages of the history of the most powerful house that reigned in Westeros: the Targaryens.

George R. R. Martin is begging. And is that as he did with the encyclopedia The world of ice and fire, who wrote with Elio García and Linda Antonsson, responsible for the web fan, we are releasing breadcrumbs to Hansel and Gretel so that we continue to consume portions of their world, regardless of whether they are prequels, chronicles or spin offs.

Fire and blood it is the first volume of his new bilogy, which travels through the history of the Targaryen house, the only dynasty of dragon lords that survived the Curse of Valyria and that settled on the island of Rocadragón. Mr. R. R. Martin tells, in great detail, the story of the family of the Mother of Dragons, from the creator of the iconic Iron Throne, Aegon I Targaryen, until the arrival of the civil war that almost ended the house.

Fans of the series will remember bits of legends, told by the characters throughout these seven seasons that gave brushstrokes on this house. Arya talking with Tywin Lannister about Aegon Targaryen. Varys telling Pinkie how the iron throne was forged. Joffrey Baratheon surprising Margaery Tyrell with the legend of Aryon Bright Flame. But this book is a chronicle full of details that will make any fan of Game of Thrones. A version at Silmarillion from Tolkien, who provides context about the Targaryen dynasty, one of the most imposing houses in Poniente.

Don't expect a story similar to Song of ice and fire, with chapters that focus on each of the characters. It is rather a history book, in the style of the one that you were in the institute but yes, full of conquests, duels, betrayals, dragons and, how could it be otherwise, incest.

On this occasion, the American writer has not continued with Song of ice and fire and its more than expected sixth and penultimate volume, Winter winds, which fans have been begging since 6 years ago published Dragon Dance. It is true that publication is planned in 2019, but judging by statements he made to the Hollywood Reporter, that doesn't seem to happen. "I am working on Winter winds and I wish it was over four years ago, but I'm slow and the book is very complex, because there are many distractions out there.

If we are honest, this book is like methadone for fans of Game of Thrones. It is not the series. Does not belong to Song of ice and fire. It is not the sixth volume of the saga. But it smells like it is, because it's what the fans needed to wait until the premiere of the last season Don't make us so uphill. Only 5 months and winter will have reached our screens.

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