Life in black and white is not boring and H&M is responsible for showing it based on perfect styles

He black and white it's a chromatic combination that will never go out of style and both form the ideal couple within this constantly changing world. They could be considered as new Ross and Rachel Pantone: no matter how many years go by, always there is a supernatural force that attracts them. Is now H&M who reminds us of the importance of this classic combination, and does it with a lookbook where the elegance and simplicity They come hand in hand.

Pearls and strass, who gives more?

The applications come to make a difference and, although they are not a novelty, the truth is that this Fall 2018 enjoy a special role. Decorating sweaters and sleeves, pearls and strass They will become the best companions.

Remember: less is more

The outfits Monochromatic are the order of the day and white and / or black are the favorite shades. Elegance, classicism, simplicity, style ... Both colors are so strong that nothing more is required to touch perfection.

Will your new collection inspire you?

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