We surrender to Jennifer Lawrence in the new (and impressive) perfume campaign Joy by Dior

We already wanted to see the result of the Joy's campaign, the last perfume that Dior has added to its ranks and from which it's image Jennifer Lawrence. In her we reveal absolutely beautiful images, in which we see the best of the actress's versions.

It is about images taken by Jean-Baptiste Mondino which are followed by The film that premiere the day September 2 and that we are looking forward to seeing why Jennifer can't be more ideal.

The new Joy by Dior perfume defines it as a immediate, clear, generous perfume, It captures joy in an aroma marked at the same time by the enveloping softness and energy.

The nose behind this fragrance is that of Francois Demachy and among his notes we find:

  • Release Notes bergamot and tangerine
  • Heart Notes Rose of Grasse and Jasmine
  • Background Notes of sandalwood, cedar, white musk and patchouli.

A perfume to keep in mind, and an impressive campaign of cool.

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