The Abu Khadra twins bet on very daring makeups (and fit for very few)

Do not try to differentiate them because you will not be able to: Sama and Haya, better known as the Abu Khadra twins, share style and Instagram account. Over the years, in addition to achieving respect in the world of fashion and being BFF of the it girls of the moment, these sisters succeed with their beauty proposals. Neon color eyeshadows, black lips and impossible hairstyles They accompany them at all hours. Today we review your riskier bets with the intention that the inspiration come to us (in a less intense way).

Mark the difference

Dark lips -black-, degraded eyebrows and manicure in neon color. To dress this extreme look, they propose an asymmetrical hairstyle and brings originality. Who said the excesses didn't cool?

Eyeshadow glitter

Eye shadows in bold tones and glitter finish are part of your day to day (and we love the result!). Do you dare to be inspired by this look?

Creating your own trends

The Abu Khadra sisters have shown over the years that they do not follow trends, but that they create their own and this look is proof of that.

Extreme originality

Striking colors, wet eyeshadow, eyeliner beading the eyelid ... Everything is possible.

Its nail art peta

One of the aspects that they like most about them is their nail art: with messages and indeed degraded, each of their proposals is cooler than the previous one.