Valentine's Day 2018: 12 romantic hairstyles for all tastes

Celebrate or not Valentine's Day, this date is a good apology to let our imagination fly and wear a hairstyle inspired by the most romantic date of the year. Today we bring you very versatile and easy ideas that can help us both to go to work and to have an appointment or go out with friends.


If there is a romantic hairstyle par excellence, those are the braids. The best thing they have is that they are very comfortable to wear, if you use a good fixing product they can last you all day and combine perfectly with any outfit and any situation.

This undone braid that ends in a bun is aA great option to go a little more arranged without adding years. Choose a small and beautiful brooch to tie it.

The braid headband It is much more youthful and looks great even when we wear jeans. I confess that it is not a hairstyle that I can do alone, although I know some artists that are perfect.

If you have a blow, try to wear two small braids with loose hair... looks great and so we vary a little boxer braids, which were so fashionable last summer.


This is definitely the fastest and best hairdo in the world. Solve any 'bad hair day', and using a little imagination, we can achieve a more than beautiful result.

If you want to wear a normal ponytail, try to card your hair a little beforehand. make some very loose waves and then hold it ... so you will get a slightly more elaborate result.

To give a more elegant touch, you can do it like that wet, leaving the front part very flat and finishing off with a completely smooth ponytail.


The high bun is still in full swing because you can do it yourself at home ... in fact if you have practice you can do real wonders by combining it with a pair of small braids to tie it (as in this case).

If the occasion warrants, you can opt for a low bun and add some nice brooch... impossible to achieve a more romantic collection.

With some accessory

If it is an original touch, we can opt for a complement type bar, brooch or headband. It is a great idea to go around a simple hairstyle and the best thing is that we can repeat again and again.

Long hair

If it's definitely not yours, a loose mane that looks very natural (Even if you take two hours trying to make it perfect), it can be very sophisticated. The three trends that are carried are the mane with 'wet effect', with waves in the water or with very undone ones.

Which of these hairstyles would you choose ?. Do you usually carry a pick-up on a date like this?

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