Nine cakes and light desserts that show that what is good for the palate does not have to weigh in the stomach

It may sound like a paradox, but it doesn't have to be. exist light cakes and desserts They help us to give ourselves a sweet treat without being heavy and above all, without adding too many calories to our diet. These recipes give us a Guilty pleasure perfectly suited to take without regrets.

In summer if we want something light and refreshing We can opt for ice cream cakes that are much easier to make than you think.

Also those that have red fruit flavor or a citrus touch They feel light on the palate and stomach. These are refreshing cakes that we can never say no.

Light cheesecake

Although it is not about taking cakes every day (and less if we are on a diet), we can maintain weight and eat occasionally a cake without too many calories It also has a delicious taste.

Cheesecake is a staple of our kitchen, but this recipe is much lighter than usual. Is about reduce the amount of sugar Without penalizing the taste. It is a matter of getting used to. Also for subtract more calories combine egg whites with eggs and use whipped cheese and plain yogurt in its skimmed versions.

Lemon mousse

Lemon mousse is a classic recipe that presents many versions and variations. Although the authentic one is the most delicious of all and the one we like the most.

We are excited its flavor and texture which melts gently on the palate due to its ethereal finish. This recipe is based on a lemon cream and an Italian meringue that, once ready, you just have to mix to get a sublime result.

Light cherry and cream cheese tartlets

These cherry and cream cheese tartlets is the ideal dessert for summer, light and using one of the seasonal fruits that we like so much: cherries. It is a very easy dessert to make so encourage you to try it.

The key is to choose cherries or pillory at its point, you have to choose them very tasty, aromatic and juicy, since when you chop them they will flood the juices with simple cream cheese filling.

Apple pie

What we like most about this apple pie recipe is that it only takes fifteen minutes. Not only is it easy and quick to make, but also It is light since it has no base. Although pastry is not your thing, it is an infallible recipe.

To perform it we will need a microwave-safe round silicone mold, because that is the secret so it takes so little to be done. A healthy, delicious and light snack with lots of fruit.

Thin mango pie

This recipe for fine mango pie is very original and you are sure to try it at home. Adding fruits always makes the recipe lighter, especially with mango, a tasty, refreshing and exotic fruit.

The crunchy dough is prepared with phyllo dough or brick paste, which you prefer, so we avoid having to knead and you can prepare the cake on a periquete.

Carrot cake

The carrot cake or carrot cake It is another one of those essential recipes when it comes to having a breakfast, a dessert or a light, sweet and surprising snack. It also admits many variations: with pistachios, with raisins and rum, with cinnamon, or with cheese to add different nuances to the recipe.

It is a sweet of long tradition in the Anglo-Saxon pastry which at first surprised when it began to become fashionable, but that soon excited the sweet tooth. Is a cake full of aromas that are enhanced with the passing of the hours, fluffy and tender.

Mango and Orange Sorbet

You say you don't have room for dessert? Think twice because this mango and orange sorbet will make you feel great because of how light and delicious it is.

It is a super creamy ice cream that can be made with another kitchen robot if we do not have the Thermomix, because it is only about crush all ingredients and let them cool a little in the freezer. The best way to eat fruit in summer.

Frozen yogurt

It is not necessary to go to one of the multiple franchises that sell frozen yogurt to take this delicious light dessert. We can do it at home and enjoy the authentic taste of artisanal and homemade. We can do it with Greek yogurt to make it creamier.

In addition to decorating it with different toppings, we can customize it by adding fruit purees or jams to give it more flavor. But if we want something simple, two ingredients are enough to make the recipe.

Cocoa Pannacotta

This dessert will excite you, and best of all, you don't need sugar to be delicious. The cocoa pannacotta in a italian classic flavored with vanilla, along with a delicious chocolate sauce.

A light dessert Perfect to finish off a meal with guests that the whole family will like.

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