Chaumet and his jewelry exhibition in Monaco: tiaras to feel like an empress

This summer the Grimaldi Forum of Monaco It will become a place full of luxury (even more). The exhibition 'Majesty Jewels of Sovereigns Since 1780' organized by Chaumet It will show historical gems and spectacular jewels, lent by museums, large families or royalty. A great opportunity to dive into a universe as dazzling as the jewels of Chaumet.

Under the patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco, the exhibition gathers a total of 250 creations of jewels, works of art and exceptional historical pieces.

Although the main character of the show is a cult gem, the tiara, a symbol of sovereignty that radiates femininity.

Chaumet's first muse was Josefina de Beauharnais, The first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte and therefore, Empress of France. I always wore a tiara like Napoleon power emblem.

In addition, the exhibition shows the union of jewelry with the arts, where you can see how the tiara has been reinventing itself as an accessory over time, adapting to every moment of history.

The exhibition can be visited until August 28, 2019. So if you are planning to visit Monaco this holiday season, this show is another attraction of the Principality.

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