Selena Gomez becomes the last celebrity to join the haircut of the season

It's official the cut bob It is the maximum hair trend of this season and the next fall-winter 2019-2020. And lately there are several celebrities that we have seen Change of look with the arrival of the month of September, such as Ivanka Trump or Alexandra Pereira, being the last of them Selena Gomez.

It is true that in recent times Selena has worn a mane midi very flattering, however, in his latest Instagram post he has surprised us with A great change of look.

This time he has opted for a cut bob straight which brings freshness and movement to the hair. This is one of the best ways to renew your image and to join the most followed trends at this time

We have no doubt that the cut bob is the hair star of these moments, not only as the experts have told us, but as well as we can appreciate every day in the hair of the celebrities who increasingly bet on this type of looks.

So be clear, if you are looking for a change of look at this time don't hesitate to bet on him bob and you will be right, winning not only in style, but also being up to date on trends.

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