All hairstyles (and hair) seen in the MTV VMA 2017

Last night the city of The Angels he again received a red carpet full of celebrities. This time it celebrated the MTV VMA 2017, prizes that honor the world of music and, therefore, the venue filled with singers and people related to the television channel. In Jared Beauty we have made a summary of all looks seen last night, which one do you prefer?

Short and masculine hair, how to comb them?

More and more are those who aim to go through the scissors of the hairdresser to wear a very short and even masculine mane. But still, there are many possibilities when combing it for an event in this category, here are three totally different examples.

Pink! wore loose strands as a fringe (Photo: Gtres) Katy Perry with her latest look change (Photo: Gtres) Mel B and his dismissed effect did not convince the majority (Photo: Gtres)

The loose mane is always a good option

Although it seems that wearing the loose hair is something simple and that can distort the final look, these girls show us the opposite and teach the endless possibilities of this hairstyle. Smooth, wavy, with side or middle stripe, what do you prefer?

Miley Cyrus' sister, Noah, left her smooth mane (Photo: Gtres) Ivana Baquero with wavy effect (Photo: Gtres) Demi Lovato wore a heart attack hair (Photo: Gtres) Is it Kim Kardashian? No, it's Chantel Jeffries (Photo: Gtres) Paris Jackson and his bottle green eyeshadow (Photo: Gtres) Vanessa Hudgens opted for volume (Photo: Gtres) Sydney Sierota and her perfect wavy mane (Photo: Gtres) Olivia Munn dazzled us with her makeup and her lip color (Photo: Gtres) Hailee Steinfeld opted for the middle part (Photo: Gtres)

Collected with disheveled effect, who signs up?

The disheveled effect always likes and, to some extent, can be very flattering.

Alessandra Ambrosio triumphed with her tall and disheveled ponytail (Photo: Gtres) Lorde wore a makeup in pink and collected the hair in a collected medium (Photo: Gtres)

Full color

The colored hair (pink) took part of the prominence and gave the original note to the event last night.

Nicki Minaj wore bicolor hair (Photo: Gtres) Kesha opted for pink highlights on her blonde hair (Photo: Gtres)

Collected for all tastes

Although those collected were not favorites, they were some who chose to decorate their hair with a bun.

Erin Lim and his collected high (Photo: Gtres) Millie Bobby Brown, again, fell in love again (Photo: Gtres)

Video: 2017 MTV VMA's Hairstyles - P!nk, Nicki Minaj, Hailey Baldwin & More! - TheSalonGuy (February 2020).