The weekly swimsuits take over from the coolest sweaters of Alberta Ferretti (and promise to be a must)

How to forget Alberta Ferretti's weekly sweaters? Yes, exactly, those that have not been celebrity, blogger or instagrammer on the face of the earth that has not shone in recent months. The firm has adapted the sweaters to the new season and has made them the ones that will undoubtedly be the swimsuits Item of the summer.

Seven are the models of swimsuits that has launched Alberta Ferretti, one per day of the week, following the same formula that he used to design the sweaters of his #RainbowWeek capsule collection.

Same color combinations and the must have of the summer, the minimalist and monochromatic swimsuits have been enough for the Italian house to unleash the viral at nothing negligible price of 240 euros per design.

Are you prepared for the attack of those who will undoubtedly become the swimsuits Item it's from the season?

Video: Coded Couture: Cameron Silver: "Decades: A Century of Fashion" (February 2020).