This ice cream shop in London makes ice cream so spectacular that there is a danger of melting while you watch them

If you have the opportunity to walk shortly in London, more specifically in Shoreditch, do not miss the Soft Serve Society ice cream shop and its incredible ice cream. Forget not only the traditional flavors, but also the classic cones and dare with a sculptural composition Made of your favorite sweet ingredients.

Soft Serve Society is a London establishment specializing in ice cream and fun sweet treats. And for what the fun is unlimited These are the ingredients they use in their creations: popcorn, pink cotton clouds, cookies and anything that can contribute to these frozen works of art.

But we are not only talking about them being terribly photogenic, as you can clearly see in the Instagram account of this establishment. They also boast of being great and betting on really original flavors, with ingredients that come out of the ordinary: miso, sweet potato, Earl Gray or Matcha tea and even lychees.

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