The most impressive hotel in the world is made of containers and is 2,200 meters high

Innovate in what to Holiday destination refers is a must nowadays. It is no longer useful to go to London to be cool or to Paris to live a vacation chic, it takes to be one of the first to go to this or that place, and the more searched, the better. That is why hotels like Quadrum Gudauri bet on different concepts. Would anyone have thought that you could sleep inside sea containers? In Georgia it is possible.

He resort of ski and yoga Quadrum Gudauri It is the perfect destination for those looking for "photography", that with which to get thousands of likes in social networks. The pyramidal arrangement of sea containers that make rooms emulate the high mountains of the Caucasus surrounding this unique hotel, in addition, it is the perfect place for environmental defenders, since all rooms have been designed looking for the minimum damage of the environment.

In back of Quadrum Gudari We find the architects Sandro Ramishvili and Irakli Eristavi, who through a minimalist style and made with sustainable materials and locally produced, have given life to their most ambitious project: a hotel boutique located 2,200 meters above sea level and respectful with the environment.

The photographs speak for themselves and the place is idyllic but can not. If you are a ski lover or need a spiritual retreat, this may be the hotel you are looking for.

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