Prada falls in love with everyone again, this has been his spectacular parade for next winter in Milan

Prada is one of those brands that have been setting trends for years. The clothes they present in their parades predict what we will see in the coming seasons in absolutely every store, but it seems that their financial results have not accompanied in recent years (a 6% reduction in their global business in 2016) coinciding with their less attractive collections. Feather-filled garments which presented last September are already sweeping in a special way, it was wonderful, and I am sure that next autumn Prada will reach the green numbers again.

We were able to see a collection very Prada, where we could highlight how the tissues with more body have merged sublime with those more delicate and special. It is a general tonic that we can see throughout the parade, but the truth is that Mohair garments with embroidery on paillettes are absolutely amazing. The feathers that have given him so much success have been present again, although now we not only find goose but also some more rigid like the goose or rooster, even mixed in the same design. The detail of the moving basses evolve for winter in large and colorful fox stripes in coats and skirts. The python and the goats hair conquer the bags and boots combining infinite colors.

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