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Kylie Jenner is a money maker, so she renews her contract with Puma

Let no one stop hurricane Kylie Jenner who has arranged knead a fortune With less than 20 years and will soon overtake all his sisters on the left. Not content to earn millions of dollars in a few seconds thanks to its cosmetics firm Kylie Cosmetics and try your luck in the field of your own merchandisingKendall Jenner's little sister renews its contract with Puma one more season.

The sports firms are living their best moment after the phenomenon that the world of the shoe is experiencing (and that the trends of the 90 have become part of our day to day). Hence it does not surprise us that these firms each year loved more success by hiring faces of the star system as is the case of this signature with Rihanna or Kylie in front or, for example, adidas with Rita Ora or Pharrell Williams (for putting a example).

The sport sells

The sport sells and maybe part of the blame has all the fashion healthy which has been invading us for a few years. Not only brands are committed to making their specialized collections for the gym more commercial, but fashion brands take advantage of the pull to launch their own collections. For this beginning of the year, Puma presents with the sister of the Kardashian the latest collection Fierce Strap Swan. It will go on sale next February 1, and we dare to predict total success (like the previous ones).

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