Is it possible to tour all the countries of the world in just over a year? Cassie has already done it.

Most travelers have ever dreamed of touring all the countries of the world. Take a blank map and color destinations with the memories of our journey through each country. Cassie De Pecol is about to get it. With only 27 years. And the worst of all is that he has documented it on social networks ... so that we die a little envious.

Cassie is a young American who decided to undertake this adventure to beat the Guinness record of being the woman who has traveled all the countries of the world in the shortest possible time. Of the 196 countries officially recognized by the UN, It has been 180 in 15 months, since the adventure began in July 2015. In that time, it has taken nothing more and nothing less than 254 flights.

On her 25th birthday, Cassie began planning her Expedition 196 (the name she has given to the web where she explains her motivations and the entire travel plan). "I always liked to know new cultures, I wanted to know what was outside the United States, where the people who make up the country come from, where my ancestors come from, who are of European origin".

Cassie He has spent approximately $ 180,000 on his adventure, and has financed it through sponsors who support its expedition, which is characterized by a maximum: eco-sustainability. For this reason, he takes advantage of the trip to shoot an educational documentary on the subject and, at the same time, stays for free in eco-sustainable hotels that he advertises through his social networks.

On such an extensive (and intense) trip there are high and low moments. Cassie spend two to five days in each country, and recognizes that the best moments are his encounters with citizens of different countries and the idea of ​​visiting places where few people have been before.

The worst moments are waiting at airports and, above all, the situations in which she has felt harassed, knowing that a man in the same situation would not go through it. "I hope to be able to inspire young women to seek goals that people believe can only be achieved by men.".

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