Street style

21 street style looks able to inspire us this summer (and all that is needed)

And now what do I wear?

It usually happens: in winter we dream of summer looks, but once that time comes our inspiration disappears and we are left with no idea of how to dress day by day. Luckily for us the RRSS are plagued of accounts with girls full of style They show us suitable proposals to inspire daily. Today you We teach 21 styles So that this summer there is not a single day that you do not know what to wear.

Summer looks seen in the street style

Touching perfection with basics

The "less is more" is real, and the wardrobe bottoms will be your great allies. Before the sun and hot season begins, you must have jeans shorts, cotton t-shirts, a printed blouse, plain bodies, high-waisted jeans on hand… Do you have everything ready?

Do not miss (ever) touch ladylike

The style ladylike It is cool: it is feminine, delicate and makes a difference. Do not doubt that garments of this type will make you shine with your own light.

Following the most original trends

One of the favorite trends of this summer 2019 is the print tie dye. How could it be otherwise, the coolest looks of the moment are dressed with this print that leaves no one indifferent and sweeps where it goes.

Shorts are the cornerstone of summer looks

If you have shorts on hand, you have everything. This garment has been stealing prominence from the miniskirt, until it becomes one of the favorite garments of the season. With t-shirts, blouses or even sweatshirts oversize, the shorts will mark the passage of your summer days.

The invasion of cropped tops it is real

A summer without style with cropped tops It is not a full summer. This garment so risky He has shown that it can be basic and fashion girls prove it to us. The key? Combine it with very high-shot bottoms.

Dresses can cause addiction

Long, mini, midi, flight, tight ... There are as many styles of dresses as days have a year (or two), that's why the hottest days dress them with a garment of this caliber.

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