The new Oxygen Foam bubble mask from Babor is the best facial cleansing I've tried at home

A couple of days ago I was offered to try the new port mask and as a good fan of this type of products I could not say no. The German high cosmetic firm has just put on sale a bubble mask whose main objective is to provide a deep cleansing for all skin types and I, who have still tried it only once, can say that I am already addicted.

I really wanted to try a foam mask, why deny it. He had heard about them a long time ago but had not yet had one in his hands. That's why when I read that the new port mask was a refreshing foam mask My desire to try it multiplied by a thousand. So, last night, I decided to grant myself a little while for myself and I got down to work with my little beauty ritual.

The first thing I did was read the directions on the package. And, as recommended from the firm, I proceeded with my usual cleaning with cold water. As I said on other occasions, I always resort to double cleaning. That is, an oily product to remove the remains of makeup and a soapy one to clean thoroughly. So, I carried out my usual cleaning and left the skin slightly moistened without drying it completely before applying the mask.

Once I put the mask on my face, and as I read on the Babor website, I began to feel a tingling in my skin. The foam began to emerge as if by magic on my skin. It was super fun to see how each time the mask "grew" more. It was not as exaggerated as with the ones I had seen on Instagram, but almost better.

It feels a soft tingling. Which, according to the brand, means that the mask is acting reliably releasing impurities and eliminating dead skin cells. After 10 minutes of application, you remove it and rinse your face by removing the foam with warm water. You'll know it's over when the bubbles stop popping.

Important, on the packaging they say that a cleaning brush or scrub should not be used before of the application of the mask and that It is also not advisable to massage the foam with the hands. I imagine it is to avoid overcasting the skin.

From Babor ensure that the skin is visibly clean, with a pleasant feeling of comfort and looking healthy And, I can assure you, it's 100% true. My impressions just using it could not be better. I felt my skin almost as clean as when I do a cleaning treatment in the cabin and full of vitality. I think it's a mask super recommended to use at least once every 15 days to thoroughly clean the skin or once a week to intensify the cleaning routine as recommended by Port. I applied it at night, but it seems ideal to wake up the skin in the morning so next time I will use it at that time.

As I said at the beginning I have not tried other bubble masks so I can not compare, I have read that they empty the pores in depth and remove excess fat from the skin and I can assure that this leaves your face as new and super clean. Unclog pores, remove excess grease and dirt.

The pack of three costs 16.70 euros, which means that each mask goes to 5.56 euros.

These products were provided for the port test. You can check our company relations policy for more information.