The movie 'Dora, the explorer', with Eva Longoria, already has a trailer and these are the reasons why it does not convince many

If you have children, siblings or small cousins, nephews, grandchildren, friends with children ... you have probably seen them Dora the explorer on so many occasions that You yourself have become a spectator of the series almost without realizing it.

It is what would explain the suspicion that has aroused among some internet users the first trailer of the movie that brings the cartoon series to the cinema.

Dora and the lost city is starring Isabela Moner, which they accompany in the cast Eva Longoria, Benicio, the bull, Michael Preña or Eugenio Derbez.

With this "live-action", the intention of Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon is convert the children's series into a family film and for this some changes have been introduced with respect to the original product.

In the movie of Dora the Explorer the monkey does not wear boots but it is still called boots I do not understand

- fer KILL THIS LOVE (@blinkjellberg) March 24, 2019

The first is that its protagonist is no longer a small girl but a teenager who has to save her kidnapped parents while solving the mystery of the lost city of gold. However, and In spite of everything, the most dangerous adventure of his life will be the institute, having spent most of his life exploring the jungle with his parents.

It is already known that, first, the changes do not suit the followers of a series and many of the criticisms have come to this front. To many followers it bothered them to see that the boots monkey does not wear the boots for which he receives his name.

The live action adaptation of Dora La Exploradora, is the worst thing that has happened to the world since someone decided to do the live action movie of Dora La Exploradora. pic.twitter.com/xIum5MMI8M

- MrX (@TheMrXOfficial) March 24, 2019

He also didn't like that there was no no sign of the villain Zorro or the famous Map and Backpack of Dora that it seems that in the film they will not speak or sing as they do in the original fiction. There are also those who consider that, directly, there was no need for a movie to be made and they call it nonsense.

Although, in general, the reception has been positive, it is striking the purist reaction that has caused among some adults a film aimed primarily at children. In that sense, it could be said that the new Dora arrives to be a kind of Lara Croft for children.

Its premiere is scheduled for summer this year. On August 2 it will reach the American cinemas and on the 30th of that same month it can already be seen in Spain. We will have to see if, by then, those most reluctant to change have been able to get used to it.