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11 quick and easy recipes for light dinners

Our pace of life is getting faster and we have less time. We spend many hours in the office or at work and the time we have when we leave we have to devote to the maintenance of our house, and other obligations. When we finish, all we want is to spend time with our loved ones And enjoy them.

That is why dinner time can be the most complicated of all meals. Not only are we tired and we have very little time, but we don't want to spend it on making elaborate meals that give us a lot of work. And, why fool ourselves, of the simple and fast recipes of always we are already tired. Therefore, not to end up ordering dinner out every night, we bring you a series of quick and very simple recipes, that will not take away much time and that will help you vary while you eat lightly.

Beetroot gazpacho

With this early spring that we have right now, what we most want are fresh, quick and simple recipes. That is why this beet gazpacho that our companions from Directo al Paladar bring us is the ideal option for the next nights. We will only need 15 minutes, a blender and some basic ingredients. The taste is delicious and the gazpacho very colorful.

Avocado and zucchini tartare salad with prawns

Absolutely everything about this avocado and zucchini tartar salad with prawns taught by Vitónica's partners sounds good. It is done in about 15 or 20 minutes and none of its ingredients means cooked of any kind. The avocado mix with prawns and a little lemon juice I have won, and much.

Spicy Tofu Mexican Toasts

Yes, like me, you are fans of Mexican food, these tofu toast will make you fall in love. Not only are they perfectly valid for vegans and vegetarians, but meat lovers will also enjoy them. The elaboration is a bit more laborious than the previous ones, but in about 20 minutes we will have everything ready and we will only have the cooking, during which we can take advantage to relax. The flavors of these toasts are absolutely worth it.

Baked eggs on avocado with goat cheese

This recipe for baked eggs on avocado is not only simple, light and very healthy, but it is made in a very, very, short time. In just 10 minutes we will have all the work done and it will only be baking for about 15-20 minutes and that's it. The truth is that I can't explain how good this dinner is, you would have to try it.

Pasta and tuna salad with balsamic dressing

Pasta and tuna salad is a quick recipe, it is a simple recipe and, above all, it is a very tasty recipe. The mixture of pasta, with vegetables, tuna and balsamic vinegar gets a festival of flavors in our mouth. End the day like this It's all we can ask for and more.

Wraps or tacos of lettuce with sauteed veal

Making wraps or tacos on lettuce is, since I discovered it, an idea that I love. That's why this recipe for lettuce tacos with veal brought to us from Vitónica seems like such a good idea. In half an hour you have a complete dinner, nutritious, and very easy to prepare. If you add a splash of lime or accompany them with a yogurt sauce, you will see how you have managed to prepare a delight in a very short time.

Tuna and seaweed poke salad with avocado

A couple of years ago, poke or Hawaiian salads were very fashionable. No wonder, because not only are they very simple and quick to make - in 10 minutes we can have this list - but with the right ingredients They are very nutritious and healthy. Specifically, the tuna and seaweed poke salad with avocado will help us take care of ourselves while having light dinner. Algae, such as wakame, and sesame seeds will give us an important contribution in calcium and fiber.

Balsamic marinated mushroom skewers

If you are a fan of mushrooms, this recipe for marinated mushroom skewers will love it. With very little ingredients and 10 minutes of preparation, you will have a tasty and healthy dish for light dinner. Yes, only suitable for true mushroom lovers.

Danish pickle sandwich

Few dishes are faster to make than a sandwich, but if you're bored of the typical mixed sandwich, it's a good time to try new things like this Danish pickle sandwich that we propose from Direct to the Palate. It requires a little more processing than more normal sandwiches, but worth. It is a dish that will especially like those sweet and sour lovers.

Glazed chicken breasts with pineapple teriyaki sauce

A recipe for chicken breast that is not grilled and in just 30 minutes? Yes, it is possible thanks to this recipe of glazed chicken breasts with teriyaki and pineapple sauce. The special flavor of this chicken will please both adults and children. It never ceases to amaze me that such a delicious dish is made in such a short time.

Quinoa and prawn Asian style salad

Quinoa is a great food and one of the best cereals we can find in the market. Make a simple quinoa salad with our favorite ingredients is an excellent idea. This Asian quinoa and shrimp salad recipe is prepared in a very short time and is delicious.