Lip Kit by Kylie expands its summer collection with three new shades

Kylie Jenner he is not even aware of the success he has with his cosmetic firm. And we say that since at the end of the day the tones presented begin to be more of the same, but still by the simple fact of bearing his name still running out week after week. And with that said, the little Jenner You do not want to miss the opportunity to continue entering millions of dollars into your account, so you just present your last three shades perfect for summer 2016. Which one do you prefer?

What tone do you stay with?

  • Kristen A very soft reddish was the first color that presented this new collection. Under the name Kristen, it is a matte color and, as we see in the skin of the small billionaire, it feels great.
  • Maliboo The brown colors have given Kylie a lot of success, and whenever she can she wears them. This time it presents a raised beige tone under the name Maliboo.
  • Ginger Nudes are also very popular tones by Kylie, so she shows us a new version under the name of Ginger.

What do you think of these new colors?

Video: Kylie Jenners Lip Kit Introduces Three New Shades (February 2020).