The restaurant of the future exists (and seems out of Los Supersónicos)

It is called Eatsa, it is located in San Francisco (USA), specialized in vegetarian cuisine and is the first restaurant in the world that seems to have come out of one of the episodes of the famous cartoon series Los Supersónicos. A futuristic and technology-based restaurant, where To order or receive your food you do not need to interact with any human being.

No, the waiters at the Eatsa restaurant are not robots that ask for your order and bring it directly from the kitchen. The way to place your order and receive it is much simpler, It hardly requires interaction and can be done through an App on your phone or from a tablet in the same restaurant and the truth, it gives us a little bit of the creeps.

Eatsa offers a wide selection of what they call Bowls (salads of all kinds, quinoa with chili, burrito, Bento type or curry stews), as well as Low-calorie accompaniments and drinks (something that can be checked while selecting your food, as each dish clearly shows the calories it has, sugar, fats, etc.).

Once you place your order, you enter your card and personal information, you have to go to the service area, a series of cabins with a door made of transparent LCD, in which you can see certain messages projected. The current orders and the names of the people who have done so appear on another screen.

When your order is ready they will tell you in which booth you can pick it up and, magic potagia! will be waiting for you on the other side of the little door. Ready for you to take with you to the office, to the nearest park or to the terrace that the restaurant has.

This restaurant chain currently has only establishments in San Francisco and Los Angeles, but we will be attentive to its website to know upcoming openings and see if your system is infected. Although the system is very innovative We can't help wondering if we wouldn't miss our favorite waiters.

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