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How to survive Coachella while at home?

It's coming and going to happen: this Friday kicks off one new edition of the Coachella music festival. And more and more bloggers, instagramers and other entertainment that migrates there first weekend motivated by a craving for posture so high that it cannot be explained. Do youWhat touches who ... ? What does it matter, the important thing is to be seen and be at the heart of everything. And here you are, with a crazy desire to live first person experience but not having the time or the money to be able to approach until Indian. How to survive this moment? We give you the keys.

Don't look at Instagram

Instagram this weekend - and the following week - will be your worst enemy. You are only going to find images of people with a lot of luck who will be broadcasting everything that happens at the moment and that, surely, will not have paid a single euro for it. On the contrary, they will be paid for living that hard experience.


Do not open any RSS

Moreover, it is better that there will not be a single mobile app. Facebook, Twitter, Periscope ... Abort plan and turn your weekend into a return to the past when the mobile era did not exist and you had fun with origami.

Snapchat will be your worst ally

Now you have fun watching your most famous characters doing their own at home and with their friends, but in a matter of days they will be each and every one of them by Coachella. And there Snapchat motivates visitors with specific stickers from each of the places that distribute the festival: Gobi Tent, Sahara Tent, Mojave Tent, Coachella Stage ... Avoid that application, it will only grow your teeth a little more.

Everything that glitters is not gold ... or is it?

They say that everything that glitters is not gold but ... Oh friend. Coachella is much more than gold. What you see on the screen is a minimal part of what it really is, and your expectations will never be consistent with reality: there is nothing that can be bought with those days surrounded by palm trees and with a luxury soundtrack.

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