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Doña Letizia repeats her most serious model

Don Felipe and Mrs. Letizia have been visiting Salamanca. As always, we look at the Queen's styling, who has not hesitated to mark figure and repeat model: once again, he has opted for one of his looks more serious (and for me boring).

Mrs. Letizia He decided to bet again on the same style that he wore in one of the acts in Rania's visit from Jordan to Spain. A two pieces of fitted round neck jacket peplum with fine belt detail and pencil skirt in light gray A suit of cashmere signed by Carolina Herrera, One of your favorite designers.

He has combined it with his favorite shoes, the salons of Prada blacks who have seen him so many times and who particularly make me crazy. And as a hairstyle, he once again opted for a low bun and shiny earrings.

In Jared | Doña Letizia knows how to stylize her figure! This purple jacket suit suits you very well