We tested the Selvert Thermal anti-pollution kit, protection and energy for the most urban skin

The daily rhythm of the city, stress and even environmental pollution can become undesirable companions for our skin. For this reason many products try to create formulas that, in addition to protecting our skin, help to minimize the effects of contamination on it.

The new line of Selvert Thermal It has been proposed precisely that, take care and protect our skin against the threat of pollution and does so with the range Urban Response from which we have been able to test several of their products. We tell you our experience.

This range is presented to us as a protective shield with the intention of preventing the contaminating particles from adhering to the skin, and at the same time helping to repair dull and fatigued skin.

We have had the opportunity to try some of the firm's products, specifically the Urban Response Chest which contains the Absolute Defense Facial Cream, he Absolute Defense Serum and the blisters Oxygenating & Pollution Protector. A kit designed to protect the skin effectively against contamination, environmental factors and provide a deep oxygenation of the tissues.

Absolute Defense Cream SPF50

We start with the facial cream, this cream is formulated to fight against the formation of free radicals and at the same time moisturize and provide luminosity to the dull skins.

It has a factor of 50 protection and also contains an active substance called Shield MP (a complex based on the action of polysaccharides extracted from microorganisms in the Pacific) that acts as a protective shield.

The texture of this product is creamy, it extends phenomenally feeling more watery in contact with the skin to give way to a more nutritious texture. The skin looks brighter, nourished and protected thanks to its high SPF 50 so it is suitable for use during the day.

Absolute Defense Serum

We continue with the serum It has a high concentration of active ingredients that are responsible for protecting the skin from pollution and at the same time repair the damage already caused.

This serum has a liquid-gel texture which makes it feel very watery and fresh. The first sensation is somewhat sticky but when it ends up absorbing that sensation disappears giving way to a flash effect.

The skin becomes more alive, relaxed and fresh as well as subtly smoother. A very interesting serum for those looking for a skin more fresh and alive.

Oxygenating & Pollution Protector ampoules

Although I liked the serum quite probably it is these blisters that have left me the best feeling.

These blisters are a concentrated cocktail with powerful active ingredients such as C-60, Shield MP or proteoglycans They have the function of protecting the skin and oxygenate it so that it is bright and fresh.

The result is appreciated from the moment you apply the product, the first thing you notice is that the skin looks juicy, hydrated and illuminated a very common effect on proteoglycans.

It is a treatment to achieve a good face instantly thanks to its lifting effect not forgetting that they treat dehydration and dull skin.

The kit has a price of 49.90 euros although you can find it in some stores at a price of 44.90 euros. The products can also be found for sale separately.

This product was provided for testing by Selvert Thermal. You can check our company relations policy for more information